profile image Marco Cirone

Marco Cirone

Documentary and landscape photographer based in Arona, Italy, on the famous lake Maggiore. He dedicated his life in mixing his love for the art of photography with the passion for traveling, being testimonial of a changing and evolving world, He also worked for over 20 years as a flight attendant for an awarded italian airline

Commissioned to create landscape narratives for naturalistic magazines, airlines tourist destinations and other commercial fields, his images are used worldwide in advertising and editorial campaigns, websites, and other marketing fields.

The infinite beauty of our planet are brought to you through his personal way of interpreting photography, like in the structured black and white technique, where contrasts, lights and shadows are a natural and poetic way to express the beauty of a landscape, or a portrait.

Traveling is his source of inspiration. As he says “not all of my travels are completely safe but, any danger and any problem turns to be the price for a ticket; the ticket for the most beautiful show in the world…mother nature.”

“I believe photography is magic.
It is to capture an instant of time through the immateriality of light.”